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City or small town will welcome Moore Books.

  Its three story stature can be found nationwide in both.  And its perfectly-proportioned architecture, from the turn of 18th to 19th centuries, is appropriate for any era.  Moore Books includes separate, self-locating windows and doors, pre-cast in color.  Side and rear walls are cast in correct "common brick" color and have tab and slot locators for simplified assembly.  Stone-color areas on the fronts can be left as they are or cornice and street levels can be painted to replicate iron/sheet metal, which is more typical.  Only front brick areas require painting.  Black roof with cast-in details, A/C unit are included, as are clear window material and photo/text instructions. Two Tichy brand platform fire escapes are provided, as are optional window signs, to add special interest to your model.

Moore Books

Kit #HO-P32

2.75” x 5" X 5.25” H



The gorgeous details on these stately buildings are clean, crisp and in deep relief, thanks to the tooling resin that precisely reproduces them from Bob Lunde’s masters. This fun-to-work-with material captures Bob’s fine designs better than injection molding ever did or could do, and it cuts and sands easily (great for kitbashing). Kit walls are sanded for smooth backs and removal of flash. Tabs and slots are molded in for assembly ease, and 45 angle corners are machined for excellent fit. (Gap-filling super glues work great.) Every process is hand done by us here in the USA. Front walls are cast in stone color, with “common brick” color for sides and backs. Separate, pre-colored windows and doors leave only the brick areas on fronts to be painted; a small flat tip brush makes it surprisingly easy. These two buildings look unrelated when separated and painted different brick colors. Now you can add TWO new structures to your city!

Morton House

Kit #HO-P30

5.375” x 4.125 X 8.5” H


City Trust   

Kit #HO-P31 

5.25” x 4.125 X 9.75” H


First kit in our new PLUS Series. Suitable for Right OR Left Corner, with its recessed corner entry. Virtually flash-free (you might have to pucker-up and blow away a thin bit here and there.) All colors are matte finish...not shiny. Separate, pre-colored, self-locating cast windows. Front brick and stone walls cast in stone color, leaving easy brick painting to your choice of color. Rear walls are cast in appropriate "common brick" color and have tab-and-slot locators for simplified assembly. Detailed and textured black cast roof with extras. Cast pre-colored awnings, building sign casting for heavy paper building sign, clear window glazing and text instructions with photos.

Monroe Corp.

Kit #HO-P29

7" x 3.75" x 6.38" H



Bob and Lynn Lunde
Lunde Studios
37 County Road 1390
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

2008 Lunde Studios
Spider Woman Graphics